Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Knockout Productions owner Courtney Nelson recently went to Palm Springs for some much needed girl time and spa time!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Knockout Productions highlights of Roughhouse Boxing at Marlintini's Lounge

Carlos Boozer Interview

Gene Nelson speaks with Carlos Boozer about Sarah Palin and Obama -editing by Courtney Nelson

Irena Sendler by Knockout Productions

Quin Gist hockey player

Knockout Productions Courtney Nelson and Gene Nelson created a highlight reel for Juneau hockey player Quin Gist - he submitted this video to the Arctic Games and made the team. Congratulations Quin!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dolphina in Juneau!

Knockout Productions is bringing the legendary Dolphina to Juneau to put on a workshop and several performances! Contact (907)209-1704 for more information and save the dates of June 8 for a burlesque performance and June 9th for a workshop - both locations will be downtown. For more information about Dolphina - visit her website at http://www.goddesslife.com.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Courtney Nelson and Taj Majal

Courtney Nelson and Lavay Smith

The Red Hot Skillet Lickers and Courtney Nelson

Courtney Nelson of Knockout Productions became the Hospitality Head for the Juneau Jazz and Classics music festival running for two weeks in the Spring of 2012. We provided good food and a good environment to make sure performers were happy and able to put on their best show possible!

The first artist taken care of by Knockout Productions was Taj Mahal, then the Hot Club of Cowtown, the Avalon Quartet out of Chicago, The California Honeydrops and Putting on the Ritz featuring Barney McClureJeffrey Solow, Yoni, Paul and Linda Rosenthal. We still have a week left to go but all the artists have been incredibly happy with our services. 

Elana from the Hot Club of Cowtown said in an email to Knockout Productions, 
"Thanks, Courtney! You were awesome! The very best. Hope to see you sometime soon again....you made Juneau magical for us:)"


E, W and J

Here are some images of the first two weekends.  

California Honeydrops feasting and warming up in the green room with Courtney Nelson

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